Volunteer engagement opportunities

Ignite the flame! SGLA has many ways for you to be involved as a volunteer. Be a part of the new experience with us.


Programming Team (3-5 hours per month):

  • Identifies interest and topics relatable to fraternity leaders in the Southeast

  • Explores different educational methodologies, including format, mediums, and learning styles to facilitate a holistic yet relevant discussion about areas of focus for fraternity leaders

  • Evaluates the program proposals submitted for the annual leadership academy

Social Media and Publications Team (2-4 hours per month; more time during leadership academy):

  • Utilizes existing and relevant social media forums to effectively communicate and provide resources to fraternity leaders, campus professionals, and graduate students

  • Understands the different social media outlets and how to properly communicate with fraternity leaders through those sources

  • Transforms educational information into a creative format for fraternity leaders, campus professionals, and graduate students

  • Focuses on ways to be innovative and cutting edge with our outlets of engagement and learning

  • Ensures the need for consistency in the graphic design, messaging, and style of all marketing items and publications (e.g. SEIFC TORCH, Leadership Academy Program Book, etc.)

Marketing and Membership Engagement Team (4 hours per month; more as annual leadership academy approaches; late summer/early fall for volunteer engagement drive):

  • Possesses a strong understanding of marketing and branding that is consistent with SEIFC mission, vision, and goals

  • Creates and communicates the value of SEIFC, the leadership academy and membership experience to associate members, interfraternal partners, and undergraduate members through various marketing strategies

  • Collaborates with other functional teams to enhance the messaging of opportunities are broadcasted to fraternity leaders, campus professionals, and graduate students

  • Utilizes the assessment data to enhance SEIFC and refine marketing strategies

  • Expands the potential base of membership through building relationships with interfraternal partners, campus professionals, and graduate students

Silent Auction Team (2-4 hours per month, more as annual conference approaches):

  • Secures annual sponsors, particularly associate members and member institutions, for the Silent Auction

  • Aids in the monitoring and execution of the Silent Auction during the Leadership Academy

  • Possesses excellent communication skills and previous experience in soliciting fundraising or auction-type items