Details and expectations

Hotel Information & Reservations

The SGLA Annual Conference is held at the Westin Buckhead Atlanta and the W Atlanta Buckhead. The hotel reservation block will be open in October and close on January 28, 2020.


Friday: Grab-and-go breakfast will be offered on Friday morning at the Westin and W Hotels. The Affiliation Luncheon will take place in various locations in the Westin. Friday dinner will be on your own.

Saturday – Lunch for the students will be served in various locations in the Westin, and the Professionals Lunch will take place at the W. The Closing Banquet will take place on Saturday night in the Grand Ballroom at the Westin.


Thursday: Casual clothing including school, fraternity/sorority attire, or council attire.
Friday: Business casual during sessions and casual during free time.
Saturday: Business casual during sessions and business attire during the Closing Banquet.


It is expected that all attendees follow the expectations of their home institutions while at the SGLA Annual Conference. Alcohol cannot be consumed during any conference event. Should your institution allow you to consume alcohol during your free time, the following expectations are in place. No outside alcohol should be brought to the hotel at any time as it is against the law. Should you to leave the hotel, please keep in mind that the legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. Be prepared to show proof of age when attempting to purchase alcohol. The city of Atlanta is very strict on fake IDs. Offenders should be prepared to spend the night in jail. Anyone who causes disruptions in their rooms and cause noise complaints may be asked to leave the conference.


All sessions are to be attended on time and with your full presence there. Delegates and other conferences attendees are here to learn how to be better council officers and take information learned back their respective campuses. Please use these sessions to better your knowledge and leadership skills.